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Brian Swimme’s Journey of the Universe

Journey Universe Swimme 1
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National Geographic: Journey to the Edge of the Universe

National Geo­graphic presents the first accu­rate non-stop voy­age from Earth to the edge of the Uni­verse using a sin­gle, unbro­ken shot through the use of spec­tac­u­lar CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) tech­nol­ogy. Build­ing on images taken from the Hub­ble tele­scope, Jour­ney to the Edge of the Uni­verse explores the sci­ence and his­tory behind the dis­tant celes­tial bodies […]

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Future by Design: The Visionary Work of Jacque Fresco


Is a sus­tain­able resource-based econ­omy pos­si­ble? Here’s a look into the future with vision­ary designer and social engi­neer Jacque Fresco.

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